The Care Team offers encouragement and resources to women in need.

Our Care Team is comprised of women from our Purposeful Living community dedicated to pouring into other women within and outside of our community through encouragement and resources. Women and businesses have partnered with us to offer connection to resources and by giving and offering encouragement through cards and gift baskets, which we refer to as Boxes of Love. The help and encouragement women receive from our Purposeful Living Care Team is the life-blood of our organization. We are here to love, encourage, support, uplift and help give hope to every woman we can.  We want to bring hope to every woman in the world.  We recognize our Care Team volunteers also often need the same support and encouragement and the goal of our team is to come together in community to support one another while linking arms to lift others up.

Another subset of our Care Team is our Prayer Team. Our Prayer Team comes together regularly to pray for our organization and the women in our community. A Purposeful Living prayer partner would be pleased to pray for any special need you may be facing today. We respect your privacy and will only share this with our Prayer Team members. If you would like to submit a prayer request online, please fill out the form below. 

Need Care or Prayer or Want to Nominate another Woman for Care?

Want to Help?

1) Attend our next Boxes of Love event

2) Donate New/Fresh/Unused items for our Boxes of Love from our needs list (see list below) or our Amazon Wishlist 

3) Ask how you can partner with us as a Business Owner/Volunteer

  • Baskets
  • Journals
  • Inspirational/Religious Items
  • Magazines – Recent/New
  • Adult Coloring/Activity Books
  • Crossword Puzzles – New in box
  • Coloring Pencils – New in box
  • Coffee Mugs – New
  • Travel Mugs – New
  • Small Boxes of Tea bags – Unopened
  • Snacks – Fresh/Individually Wrapped
  • Fuzzy Aloe Socks – With tags
  • Bath Bombs – Individually Wrapped
  • Chapstick – New in package
  • Hand Sanitizer – New/Unopened
  • Self- Care Samples – New/Unopened
  • Travel Size Bottles of Lotion – New/Unopened
  • Travel Size Bottles of Body Wash – New/Unopened
  • Pedicure Sets – New/Unopened
  • Hard Candy – Fresh/Individually Wrapped
  • Eye Masks – New/Unopened
  • Makeup Wipes – New in package
  • Small Jar Candles – New
  • Gift Cards for Self-Care (Massage, Haircut, Nails, etc.)
  • Gift Cards for Groceries, Amazon, Restaurants
  • Monetary Donations to the Care Team Fund to help cover costs for Postage, Flowers, Care Basket Items, Cards, Meals etc.

Anything you think that would lift a woman’s spirits and help her know she is loved!

Care Team Testimonials

Purposeful Living Care Team- You are such a bright light in the lives of others! Thank you for always LIFTING women up and encouraging them to be graceful and gentle with themselves!
I seriously can’t thank you enough! I haven’t had a gift basket like this in a long time. I can’t put into words what it means to me! You have no idea how much I needed to hear the words you shared. There are so many minutes, days, weeks I wonder if anyone cares. Thank you for reminding me that my tribe believes in me!
WOW! Feeling so grateful to GOD for my Purposeful Living family!! The care team sent me some love today and I can’t express the emotion that welled up inside me as I read the card. When someone takes the time and energy to stop and tell you “I see you and you are loved.” We all need to hear it! Thank you, ladies, for your amazing hearts to spread love and encouragement!!
I was at the launch of Purposeful Living, the first anniversary, the clothing swap, two big breakfasts and the conference in January. The fact that you all blessed me so abundantly after my unexpected medical procedures this year means even more! All the get-well cards and most of the meals were from women serving through your non-profit. I could go on and on about how much your intentional acts of service have helped me heal and know that God’s got me. You really are fulfilling your purpose and helping women rise above their difficult circumstances within a loving community that truthfully didn’t exist prior to your launch. Heal, grow, inspire and empower INDEED!