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Purposeful Living coaching is provided by our group of trained volunteer coaches. We are available as a resource to come alongside women as they go through stressful situations or times of change. Coaching does not involve advice giving. A coach will help you become aware of areas of potential growth, identify positive actions for moving forward in your life, and provide whatever level of accountability you prefer. We believe you are the expert on your life and our desire is to help you dig deeper to become aware of your answers.

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Have you explored the possibility of becoming a Life Coach? Are you the person people come to when they have a problem? Do you listen with empathy and no judgment? Do you have a heart to serve and come alongside women to help them grow? If you answered yes to any of these questions, click the button below to enroll in our Coaches Immersion Training and start the first step in becoming a coach with Purposeful Living INC!

Our Coaches Immersion Training is a self-paced, virtual training full of invaluable information and tools that will be helpful in all aspects of your life!

About Coaching

Coaching is about moving forward. Identifying where you are, where you want to be and what is necessary to bridge that gap.

You would meet with your coach either by phone, Face Time or in person, every week or every other week for a confidential coaching session. We recommend a commitment of at least 10 sessions to really obtain the benefits of coaching.

Purposeful Living offers coaching at no cost. Donations to Purposeful Living are appreciated, but certainly not required.

Our coaches are not certified. They are women in our community who are here to support you. They receive ongoing training in the Purposeful Living Coaching Team, including a Volunteer Coach Immersion training at the beginning, followed by bi-monthly trainings throughout their service as a volunteer. The initial training is offered twice a year. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at for more information.

Coaching Testimonials

After the first few sessions with my coach I could already see a difference in my relationships. I implemented the strategies I had learned about boundaries and felt like a weight had been lifted off me.
You have helped me to spread my wings to all the possibilities that are available to me, but you have done so in a very patient, gracious, and beautiful way. Thank you for sharing your wisdom on healthy boundaries and how to hold space for myself. You have helped me change the trajectory of my life.