Link Arms With Us!

Your contributions have enabled us to touch the lives of over 3,100 women through faith-based empowerment coaching, growth groups, inspiring events, and community support. These have helped them to heal, grow, empower, and connect with a healthy community. This impact is made entirely possible through your contributions. Your generosity is leaving a legacy and making a lasting impact in the lives of women in our community, and thus creating a ripple effect in our world. Thank you!!! 

Make a bigger impact and consider gifting your publicly traded stock to Purposeful Living INC. Contact for more details.

For a quick and easy way to donate, text PURPOSEFUL to 44-321. You will be sent a secure link to donate with a bank account, credit card, or Apple Pay! 

What Our Givers Have to Say

Hear from a few of our donors and the impact that they’ve seen come out of Purposeful Living

Riley & Brett Wiggins

“The numbers speak for themselves and every one of those numbers has a name and a story – there’s real change happening in these women’s lives. It’s awesome to be a part of! We love that PLINC is well-aware that they serve a BIG God. There’s no small thinking with them and that inspires us. “

Amber & Daniel Fields

“I donate to Purposeful Living INC because I believe in the mission. We all have hard times or struggle in life, and I’m overjoyed to be able to give back to these women– whether it be financially, with food, or just being an ear to listen. “

Jamie & Justin McCabe

“I know the impact the organization has had on myself and my business and I want to be able to help others heal and grow in ways they never thought possible so they can also prosper.”