A Purposeful Living INC Growth Group is a faith-based group led by a trained growth group leader to help ladies engage in the growth process. A Growth Group is a place where participants are loved and accepted where they are and encouraged to become all that they can be.

We believe that growth occurs in a safe community with grace, truth, and time.  Growth Groups are cohorts of dedicated, like-minded women coming together in locations across the area for mutual support and encouragement as we seek to embrace God’s perspective on the path of growth.  We seek to grow, not only spiritually, but also emotionally. Come join us as we grow together in the “My Healing” series.

    My Healing — Spring 2023

    We have 4 individual Growth Groups meeting virtually and in person every other week at different times to study “My Healing.” 

    Spring Registration is now open! Register today!

    Tuesdays, 7:30-9:30pm — Virtual

    Thursdays, 8-10am — Carmel

    Thursdays, 9-11am — Virtual

    Thursdays, 7:30-9:30pm — Virtual

    About Growth Groups

    Growth Groups are a combination between a support group and a life group. We strive to be a non-judgmental group for support and growth where we hold a space for sharing and attunement while not offering advice or trying to fix others.  The group is a safe, sacred and confidential space for healing, growth and restoration.

    A Growth Group cohort, based on study content, is a 7 session group that meets for approximately 2 hours each session on a bi-weekly basis.  A 2-hour sample meeting schedule includes:

    • Welcome, icebreaker, networking (5-15 min)
    • Faith-based video teaching with corresponding lesson guide (20-30 min)
    • Discussion question roundtable and sharing (45-60 min)
    • Share individual key take-ways, assign group connection partners, and discuss next steps (15-30 min)

    Growth group cohorts launch in the Spring and Fall, taking time off for the Summer and the busy holiday seasons.

    We desire that group members participate in each session, as much can be missed at one session due to the connectedness that comes from a group sharing together.  We ask that each person not miss more than two classes when committing to the cohort.  We strive to be vulnerable and share with one another; this becomes difficult if women are unable to get to know and learn to trust one another at each session.

    Purposeful Living offers materials at no cost. Donations to Purposeful Living are appreciated, but certainly not required.

    Growth Group leaders are women in our community who volunteer and have a heart to serve and support you.  Leaders are trained in the practice of attunement and facilitation.  Attunement includes listening and connecting with other’s emotions and ensuring the person feels understood, acknowledged, and accepted. Leaders receive ongoing training in the Purposeful Living Growth Group Leadership Team, including a training before leading, followed by monthly trainings throughout their service as a volunteer. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at christina@purposefullivinginc.org for more information.