Your Unique Gifts

Published by Hannah Hansen on

We are all made differently. Not only are we different on the outside — but we are all incredibly unique on the inside as well. We’re not saying anything new here, right? We all know we’re unique, we all know we aren’t the same as the woman next door. But as women, we so often focus on differences in the negative. We see the good aspects of that woman next door and we feel like we don’t measure up. But that is simply not true! 

God has given us each unique gifts, abilities, and talents. He made us each with a purpose in mind and if we lean into those gifts, we can live more purposefully. So we each have gifts. How do we figure out what those are? We suggest starting with what you love. What gets you fired up? What makes you feel more alive? What makes you feel closer to God and his will for you? What are you good at? These are just a few questions that can help you hone in on what your gifts may be, but there are also many resources that have been created after years of study! Two of our favorites at Purposeful Living are The CVI Assessment and the Spiritual Gifts Test. These tests aren’t magical — they won’t read your mind. They simply help you interpret what you already know about yourself and how God made you. So, have some fun! Take these free assessments and learn something new about yourself!

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