The Power of Perspective

Published by Sarah Hurley on

Finding the good.

On the January 16th episode of the Linking Arms podcast, Nadine and Rachel welcomed guest Ida Johnson to the show to discuss perspective. So much of perspective is being intentional about finding the good—even in the worst of circumstances.

Host, Rachel Downey, talked about her daughter’s disability in that she was born without her foot. Historically, Rachel has been bothered by people and children who stare, ask uncomfortable questions, and make unnecessary comments. But, Rachel said, her perspective began to change when she reframed her perspective to consider that her daughter has a great opportunity to educate others and advocate for herself.

Ida shared about the power of perspective in everyday occurrences that make us grumble such as our husband’s snoring (ugh!). Ida was annoyed. Every. Single. Night. But then…

Ida began to think about all the things that she was grateful for at night about her husband. She would talk to God and be thankful for the positives. Before she knew it, she was fast asleep. He still snores, but she sleeps soundly!

Host, Nadine McGowan, gave some helpful nuggets to help remember the point. First, grumbling versus gratitude! Do you notice that you get caught up in the grumbling? Can you intentionally make the shift from grumbling to gratitude? Changing your mindset can change your day.

“Do not conform to the ways of the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” ~ Romans 12:2

Next, Nadine challenges you to ask yourself this question: Do I want to be a victim or do I want to be victorious?

Your worst challenge may very well be something someone else is praying for. Your snoring husband may be a gift to a single or widowed woman. Well, not you’re husband, specifically. You know what I mean.

Please hear this! Life sometimes stinks. Sometimes you get a curveball thrown at you that totally yanks the rug out from under your feet and absolutely levels you. I get it. To expect that you will always choose positivity (Is that a word?) is not only unrealistic but also super annoying when you’re going through real stuff and are stuck in the ditch. In those moments, you need someone to give you permission to feel what you feel and just sit with you in the ditch, not tell you to get out from way up top.

BUT, there is a difference between moments when life stinks and getting mired in stinking thinking. This is more about the latter. This is when the power of perspective can be the most powerful.

Challenge of the week: Capture your thoughts! Be very intentional about your thoughts. Do you have a problem with stinking thinking? Make it a goal to capture what you’re grateful for daily. And, if you notice you’re caught up in grumbling, try to make an intentional effort to see through the lens of gratitude. Let us know how it goes!