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For too long I tried living life in isolation. For too long, I tried figuring out my own problems, trying to deal with my own issues and experiencing surface level friendships. What’s a surface level friendship? One where I wasn’t my true self. One where I was too scared to truly be vulnerable. One where I had to always have my guard up. How exhausting!!!!

When I was younger I had best friends and we talked about everything. As I got older, it seems that I opened up less and trusted less. I now know that in order for me to truly be all that I am meant to be, I need true, open, honest, deep friendships. We are made to be in fellowship not in isolation.

My husband is wonderful and he is my greatest friend in the whole world but I am talking about girl friends. Girls who I can giggle with, cry with, shop with, pray with, you get the point. Don’t get me wrong, I had a lot of “girl friends” to hang out with, but I didn’t have friendships where I truly let another girl know my heart. Once I realized how alone I was feeling, I started praying about it. Praying for true friendships.  

God is so good!!! I am blessed and grateful to have some incredible, true friends in my life who I can truly grow with. Women who I can be vulnerable with. The crazy thing is, I have grown so much because of these relationships. I am happier and healthier. I treasure these friendships so much and I know I am a better wife, a better leader, a better daughter, and a better sister because of the incredible women in my life who I am honored to call good friends.

I think Stasi Eldredge says it best in her book Captivating (one of my favorite books). Stasi says: “To have a friend is to relax into another soul and to be welcomed in all that you are and all that you’re not. To know that you are not alone. Friendships provide a safe place to share the experiences of life. It is a great gift to enjoy the easy companionship of one you can let your guard down with. Friendship is a great gift.”

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